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Mardat of Arkánfar

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1 Mardat of Arkánfar on Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:05 am

Name: Mardat of Arkánfar

From: Arkánfar, a Haradrim town to the South West of Umbar.

Age: 36

Title: Lord of Arkánfar

Looks: Short Black hair, of a somewhat dark skin complexion. With Brown eyes and wearing a typical Haradrim Attire, except to the colour of his Town. A mixture of Red and Burgundy clothing. He wears a small crown with a ruby at the helm. He wears a Sapphire necklace, with his Serpent wrapped around Spear emblem engraved. His Spear has an Amethyst in the centre of it, with 4 spokes coming out facing towards the point, parallel to each other and on the same horizontal point.

About: The lord of Arkánfar, his history takes him back to successful wars with the neighboring power of Umbar and establishing Arkánfar as a regional power. His expert spearmanship and horse riding skills have caused him to slay many an Umbar by his hand, and cause his Haradrim allies to look up to him. He is best known for his account of retrieving the Amulet of Arkánfar from the ruined city of Kárna. He and Suládan are heralded as the only warriors to this day to have entered the ruined city and lived. The amulet of Arkánfar has had an unusual effect on Mardat, and it has greatly extended his life length, and he is seemingly frozen at 36 y.o., yet has existed long enough to see the first Numenorians settle in Umbar.

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