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Alassë Annárë

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1 Alassë Annárë on Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:30 am

Name: Alassë Annárë

From: Rivendell

Age: 1500

Title: Lady Alassë Annárë

Looks: Long dark brown hair, littered with braids as is typical of her kin. Wears a plain silver circlet tiara, with the exception of special occasions, where a more intracet head dress is worn. She wears long dresses, often red or green, but feels more comfortable in her riding clothes. She also wears a silver ring on a long chord around her neck, which belongs to her elder brother Elessar Véneanár who is away scouting and seeking allies most of the year. She also wears ear cuffs and a bracelet which belonged to her mother.

About: Daughter of Lord Elros, and niece to Lord Elrond Halfelven, she has one older brother; Elessar Véneanár, who she is very close with. She is masterful with a bow, and has some skill with hand-to-hand combat and use of a sword. Alasse is also a skilled rider, and is prone to riding off to explore the surrounding wilderness and meddle with things that do not concern her. She is friendly and open to all who call at Rivendell, but is also very protective of her kin, loyal to her Uncle, father and brother.

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